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Soul Led Journey

Master Your Inner World And Live An Intuitively Led Life

Course Program

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$68 to sign up


Master Your World and Live An Intuitively Led Life Course!!!


This is a video course that is go at your own pace and includes the following:


Pdf downloads that provide tools and strategies for psychic, intuitive, and personal development that includes shadow work writing prompts.


Audio guided meditations


Video for each curriculum

Student group

Monthly group coaching calls 

Monthly Q&A Livestreams.


Your soul led journey starts the moment you claim the most coveted birthright, your intuition.


To feel your way into a more aligned life, where confidence, decision making, ease, and abundance is a byproduct of developing intuition from within, that’s what we all want right?


A soul led journey my new course will help you create a more aligned life by transforming your inner world, discovering your innate abilities, mindset, and learning to take back the steering wheel of shifting from fear to faith and sustaining an intuitively lead lifestyle.


This course will help you awaken to the psychic abilities that you have within as when you begin intuitive development that is a natural byproduct.


Learn to become the creator of your reality that you are destined to be with learning Law Of Attraction techniques that will assist you in creating the life of your dreams.

What you'll learn: Strengthen Your Intuition


Psychic Development Techniques


Energetic Protection & Grounding Techniques

Intention Setting & Affirmations 

Shifting Self Limited Beliefs Via Writing

Shifting from fear to love with shadow work writing prompts.


Power Of Positive Thinking & Law Of Attraction

Sustaining An Intuitively Led Life

Here are the details for enrollment, and how you receive access to the curriculum, and students' group upon registration.

Enrollment Fee

$68 to register for a limited time only!

After the first payment the next payment of $68 can be made within the first two months. 


A one time payment can be made of $136

Upon securing the registration fee, the link containing the first set of the curriculum will be sent to your email.

The first set of curriculum that is sent out includes:

Strengthening Your Intuition

Audio Guided Meditations

Shadow Work Writing Prompts

Energetic Protection Techniques

Psychic Development Techniques 

Intention Setting & Affirmations 

The second set of curriculums is scheduled to be sent out August 12th.

Both sets of curriculums include video curriculum as well as pdf downloads. 



 The second set of curriculum includes the following:

Power Of Positivity

& Law Of attraction

Audio Guided Meditations

Sustaining an intuitively led aligned life

You will receive the link to access the Soul Led Journey Support Group.


This group is where the monthly group coaching calls, and monthly Q&A livestreams will be held.


This is also where you are free to connect with other like minded individuals and post any questions or stories you would  like to share about your journey!

Get to know me

From some of my earliest memories in life up until now, I have always remained a seeker in life. You see, the light within you, and outside of you, always has a way of showing a glimpse of your purpose in the themes of passions that show up in your life. It was that light within me that sent me on a quest over the years, where I picked up the puzzle pieces I would receive that led me towards the act of helping others. Before having my current career as a full time Life Coach, Author, Psychic Medium, and Healer this puzzle piece remained as working in the Human Services field for a few years. I knew the light within me was trying to tell me my specified direction, but not having started the path to personal transformation I lacked the confidence to take action in figuring out what would give me the full happiness I was seeking. The one that would fulfill the freedom to live the truth my soul yearned for, the wisdom was in the signs and the feelings within me, they were always there. What always seemed to hold me back was fear. To become connected to the beautiful, self empowering core of your being, you must first begin to quiet the mind to listen. When I began to listen in 2013, I was practicing my spiritual services, I kept on recieving the insight of my dream of having the freedom to do this full time. "What?" Me? I hadnt developed the confidence to trust or recieve until the year 2018 when I was further along in my healing journey. The signs dialed up in frequency and intensity to the point where everything in my path became uncomfortable. I knew this was my moment to take a leap, was I terrified? Yes, but I also felt the plan that would help me sustain myself on this new path. I took the leap, and I found myself on the path my soul yearned for. You are worthy of taking the leap and recognizing the aligned action and steps meant for your souls highest timeline. It is my hope that this course will help kickstart your soul led journey onto a sustainable path of your wildest dreams!

Our Clients Say

"" "Since working with Alexandria I have felt more collected, grounded, positive and able to receive.
She’s helped me learn how to ground myself more, opening up for readings better.  She’s also taught me great ways to protect my aura and my energy. She has given me great examples of meditation that have been really effective. Not only is she a great teacher but a great intuitive medium!  with you, or what it's like to use your products and services."
Dani Wyse, Soul Led Journey Participant

Robert Rose, Product Designer

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