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Was it my loved one who came for a visit in my dream?

There are many ways our loved one in spirit reach out to contact us. Its become more common during a session with a client, were they find themselves in need of validation they feel are certain signs from their loved ones. While it does take quite a bit of energy for our loved ones in spirit to leave us, all it takes for us to receive signs is by having an intentional mindset as well as awareness towards the signs we may ask them to leave. Here are some of the most common signs we may receive, through electronics, hearing that song that makes you think of them, feathers, coins, random objects being moved of theirs/found, as well as dream visitations. In my experience as a medium, dream visitations can be one of the most fascinating experiences. So, here is how you can recognize your own dream experience from your loved one. Firstly, our loved ones in spirit only wish to deliver to us their unconditional love, support, and guidance during a dream visitation. Waking up refreshed, comforted, with a feeling or impression that they were close by, is validation it was truly your loved one in spirit who came by for a visit!

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